Drone Complier has been selected by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to build and maintain the official “Can I Fly There” app for drone operations.

See the official press release (below) for more information.

To download the correct version of the app for your device, please go to https://www.casa.gov.au/droneapp


Media Release


A new smartphone app has been released to make flying drones safer.

The app clearly shows crucial drone no-fly zones and drone fly with caution zones.

Using a drone flyers location the app displays no-fly zones around major airports, the flight paths of smaller airports and helicopter landing areas.

Users will also see restricted and military airspace where drones must not be flown.

The drone no-fly zones are shaded in red on the map.  Yellow shading is used to show fly with caution zones around areas where aircraft are known to operate at low altitudes.

It is the first time an official app has been released in Australia to help drone flyers stay safe and abide by the safety regulations.

CASA has partnered with specialist drone software company Drone Complier to develop the app.

It will be available in Andriod, iOS and web-based HTML5.

Valuable information about airports is displayed by the app, including satellite photos of runway layouts and whether airports have air traffic control services.

Information is also shown for uncontrolled aerodromes and aircraft landing areas, with written advice about what to do when flying a drone in those locations.

The app will display information about the drone safety regulations, making it an essential tool for everyone flying a drone.

CASA has developed the app to assist people flying drones for fun or for commercial purposes.

Media contact: 

Peter Gibson

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Drone Complier  

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Read more about flying drones safely on the CASA website.