How will this keep me legally compliant?

The governing body of the airspace in which you are flying has the final say in terms of legality. DRONE COMPLIER has been used successfully to meet legal reporting and operational safety procedures in the US and Australia, as well as assisting in legal operations in several other countries. If you are interested in the legality of flying in a foreign airspace, contact us for further information.

Which types of Drones Can I use?

Drone Complier is platform agnostic, and can be used with any type of drone, rotary and fixed-wing. Simply add new drones to your asset library, then select them when planning your next flights.

Does the App Work Offline?

Yes, users will need to synchronize before and after the operation through an internet connection, but as long as the app is synced prior to mission approval, flight operations can be logged offline.

Do I need a phone, computer or both?

Currently, the web portal used for mission planning and data assessment/tracking is available through any web browser, but a traditional computer is recommended for portal access. While in the field, all that is required is a phone or tablet running Android or iOS operating system. 

can I use it outside the US?

Yes, Drone Complier has been successfully used to plan and log missions in more than five nations and can be used effectively anywhere in the world that has legally accessible commercial airspace.

How much does it cost?

Pricing can be found here