Managing your organization’s drone operations takes Drone Complier.

Whether flying for yourself or overseeing distributed operations, maintaining a safe, compliant and effective drone program takes a lot of work.

Our software delivers a unified platform for planning your operations, tracking and assigning resources, and maintaining all necessary documentation. 

Your pilots get a powerful airspace, weather and flight data tracking tool for the field, and your business gets the visibility and risk mitigation needed to keep your business on track.

Know where it's safe to fly

Instant access to the most comprehensive airspace maps (including NOTAMS and TFRs) allows you to safely and quickly plan future jobs, and lets your team confirm on-location.

  • Developed by professional pilots and aviation industry experts.
  • Selected by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority to provide wildly successful “Can I Fly There” app.
  • Integrated weather and local info including sporting events, wildfires, etc.
  • One touch access to weather, satellite view, radio frequencies and airport manager contact details when available.

Plan and Track your Operations

Plan future Drone Flight Operations and automate your drone operation logbook management.

Organize operations by clients or departments, designate approval authority, and track flights, maintenance events, pilot certifications and more.

  • Platform agnostic
  • Maintain detailed records of all aircraft, battery, pilot and payloads across missions and projects
  • Works with any drone from any manufacturer
  • Automatically keep detailed flight logbooks include battery charge cycles and usage times, pilot hours and currency, payload performance etc

Total visibility and accountability

Drone Complier software is vehicle agnostic, so whatever your pilots fly, we’ve got you covered.

  • Each aircraft, battery, pilot and payload assigned to each job maintains it’s own log of activities.
  • Automatically sync missions and reporting worldwide
  • Works with any drone from any manufacturer
  • Logbooks maintained include battery charge cycles and usage times, pilot hours and currency, payload performance etc

Keep your people and equipment safe

Customize and integrate your standard safety procedures and risk assessment tools into every workflow to ensure consistent execution enterprise-wide. 

  • Custom Pre-Flight and Post-Flight checklists based on location, pilot or hardware
  • Integrated Job Safety Analysis and Risk Mitigation Plans accessible from mobile devices on location
  • Set custom approval authority to meet your organization’s needs
Drone Complier

Simple plans with amazing features

Powerful tools to simplify your operations, every step of the way


UNLIMITED Drones – UNLIMITED Payloads – UNLIMITED Batteries – Custom Payloads – Pilot Currency – UNLIMITED Documents


UNLIMITED Mission Planning – Real Time Airspace Maps – Real Time TFR and NOTAM Alerts – Current and future UAV Weather Forecasts


UNLIMITED Flight Logging – UNLIMITED Customizable Checklists – UNLIMITED Maintenance Reporting – Log From Field On Mobile Device


Customer Management – Mission Approval through Chief Pilot – Mission Calendar to Plan Multi-Pilot/Multi-Aircraft Operations – Custom Job Safety Assessments – Cross Project Visibility


iOS – Android – Credentials Management – Document Storage – Flight Approvals – Real Time Airspace – Real Time Weather – Offline Mode – Weather Forecasts


Flight Log Report – Fleet Health Report – FAA Reporting – CASA Reporting – Customizable Reports – Customizable Dashboards


Email – Phone – Account Management – Program Integration – Expert Consulting – Whatever else you need. Just Ask.